Ants are small insects that reproduce in large numbers that use wooden structures for shelter. They will eat food crumbs around the house, bothering people and serving as hazards in their own right as they forage around for more food. Ants can also be aggressive to humans, even if they are not poisonous. Ants are insects that form entire colonies centered on a queen that reproduces quickly.

Most of the ants that people see are going to be worker ants, although you also might see some aggressive drones. Many of the ants that people will see in their homes are going to be carpenter ants, and they can damage the wood of a home. Ants can also eat away at food stores and other products, and it genuinely hurts when they bite. Getting rid of ants can save a home and save people a lot of stress.

Ants leave a "Follow-Me" trail behind as they relentlessly march across your kitchen benches and your food rendering everything either tainted or inedible.


Spiders in general, like the huntsman and the Daddy Long-Legs are a nuisance due to their webs which can become more an inconvenience than harm as they hang like silk tapestries in the corners of the ceiling.

As such, in an infestation of spiders, people are taking the risk that they're going to get bitten by potentially dangerous spiders. It is not always obvious which spiders are poisonous and which ones are not either. Spiders can also leave cobwebs that make a mess and that tend to disturb most people who see them. Spiders are eight-legged arthropods who are distinct from insects, and people often find them much scarier. They have long legs, small bodies, and many of them carry poison. Some of them have mouth parts that are large enough to bite humans, making them dangerous to humans.

Spiders usually are not going to cause as much household damage. However, they can potentially be poisonous to the household inhabitants.


Silverfish are gray insects with very large and long appendages that prefer humid conditions and Queensland is perfect for them. They look like venomous centipedes but they aren't and don't bite humans, but they are still very harmful creatures. 

They like damp areas like bathrooms and laundries and will loom in dark, solitary places, sometimes between the pages of a book. These insects feed mainly on sugar and starch-like products and enjoy wallpapers, coffee, dampness under carpets, discarded pasta and paintings.

Keeping food in air tight containers denies the silverfish sustenance and so does keeping dust to a minimum.  

However, they can also eat people's furniture, books, and almost anything made with wood pulp or paper. These are creatures that breed fast, which is the case for all insects, and they can produce whole populations of creatures that are going to cause similar levels of damage to households and household goods. 

Many people are also disturbed by their appearance, and they can find these creatures threatening even if they are relatively harmless to humans personally.


Cockroaches are large brown beetle-like insects that can quickly infest homes.

Cockroaches vary in size from the very tiny southern cockies to the larger insects that are found in the northern states and grow in size proportionately. Every cockroach spreads disease and brings real risks of salmonella, gastroenteritis and other health complications to your family if they're not dealt with in a timely manner. Cockroaches are very resilient and have the ability to breed very rapidly and whilst introducing their young to your environment, they also become resistant to do it yourself treatments.

A professional service is always the best alternative and will terminate the life cycle meaning less likelihood of further infestation. Cockroaches are large insects that tend to be attracted to rotting and moist areas. Still, having a clean house does not guarantee that cockroaches won't show up anyway, especially if the nearby neighbors are messy or there are lots of cockroaches in the area.

Cockroaches eat pretty much anything, whether it's food scraps, decaying matter, furniture, or books.


Rodents are small furry animals that form a large category that includes mice, rats, and similar creatures. Many larger houses, particularly older houses, have a mouse population.

The house mouse, once having found a food source will generally find a suitable place to nest and like rabbits can breed rapidly. Generally hidden during the day, at night is when they do the most damage. They've been known to cause house fires via their ability to gnaw through electrical cable but can also cause extensive internal electrical damage behind walls. They will gnaw through furniture fabrics and leather and will contaminate food in a heartbeat.

Mice sadly do not live a benign and harmless relationship with humans. They tend to produce a lot of toxic bodily waste that will spread around the house as they eat all of the food scraps, and in some cases get into the fresh supplies of food in the cabinets in order to eat.

Rodents eat more than bugs, and they can cause more damage in the process of eating and traveling through a house.


Termites are colony insects that are actually related to cockroaches. These are creatures that actually have special bacteria that can digest the cellulose in wood. Termites are generally the same size as a black ant except they're pale. Often referred to as white ants, the subterranean termites are most common in Queensland homes and like silverfish, prefer a dark and humid environment. They remain difficult to locate until the damage has been done.

You can detect termite activity if your timbers are hollow sounding, you've got a difficult to open window due to 'mud' that termites produce to keep the humidity in and has caused the timber to expand or your vacuum has just penetrated the skirting board.

Prevention is better than cure with any termite infestation and if you suspect you may have a termite problem a professional approach is the better part of valour. As the household colonies of termites become larger and larger, more and more wood is going to be ingested, and more and more bacteria will spread.

Termites are perhaps some of the most damaging pests of all when it comes to the stability of a house.

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